Your Broker Support Package

Your Broker Support Package is everything you need to be successful!

Regardless of the compensation plan you choose - the following is the base level of support we will provide you:

  • Errors & Omissions insurance (included in membership for free)
  • Full-time reception & support staff
  • Live answer and hot transfer to your cell
  • Non-competing & non-producing Managing Broker
  • 24/7 access to modern, private & professional office space
  • Full use of all office equipment
  • Paperless file management
  • E-signature
  • Compliance assurance
  • Personal training & assistance
  • In-house group training
  • Private cubicle or desk use

Other Benefits

Here are some other great benefits of being a part of our team:
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Production Requirements
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • New Agent Recruitment Bonuses
  • Beautifully Remodeled 3,500 sq. ft. Office
  • Cross License Reimbursement (if interested in 100%PLUS)
  • More...

  • Private Customer Parking
  • Minutes from West Suburbs and Downtown
  • Team Leader Positions Available
  • Direct Deposit Commissions
  • In-House CE Fulfillment
  • More...