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NellyCorp Property Management 

Managing Rental Property Since 1996


About Us We are a Chicago based property management and development company with over 20 years experience helping property owners increase their cashflow, maximize their return on investment and reduce or eliminate the amount of time spent managing their properties.
Our Goal is for you to enjoy the financial rewards of owning real estate without the stressful daily management aspects that can interfere with your lifestyle.
Our Mission as a management company is to increase your investment returns through asset maintenance, capital improvements, and tenant satisfaction.
Our Niche in the market is that we are willing to work with not only those clients that have multiple large scale buildings but also those clients that may own smaller rental units that other management companies might not be willing to work with.

We will manage rent collection, day to day operations, janitorial, legal documentation, clerical administration, 24 hour emergencies, immediate repairs, capital improvements and new and existing leasing matters. We are willing to tailor our services to meet each client’s individual needs.
We will create a comprehensive marketing plan to increase your property’s exposure to the rental market. We will strive to keep all good tenants and reduce tenant turnover. And when needed we will efficiently market your apartments and quickly rent your units to qualified tenants to keep your vacancy rates low.
By practicing preventative maintenance and addressing all security, safety, and health issues in advance, your tenants will stay longer and pay more to live in your property.
Our management and accounting department will provide you with detailed monthly financial statements to include rent rolls, income and expense reports, a statement of cash flow and reconciled monthly property bank statements. We can also create customized reports based on your specific needs.

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